4 Keys to Nonprofit Digital Marketing Success

Non-profit marketing can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many things to do and limited time and resources to get it all done. What it does take is organization and prioritizing your goals and deciding where spending your time is the most worth it. Below are four ways to use digital marketing to help your nonprofit succeed.

  1. Tell (and Show) a Compelling Story

Telling your organization’s story has never been easier. With a wide variety of platforms to work with, you can get your message out to more people in better ways. This is your chance to have your organization attract attention from other competing nonprofits with your unique story. What makes your organization stand out? Tell the story of how you are helping in the community, using real life examples and people when possible.  Then tell your audience how they can help you continue your story through their support with a compelling call-to-action such as “donate now”.

Try new ways to sell your story more effectively, such as using video to tell your stories or live tweet at events to engage your audience. A good example of showing a story on social media is Big Brother’s Big Sisters’ “Start Something” campaign.

  1. Stay Up-to-Date

I know, you’re busy. You’re being pulled in a million different directions and think you don’t have time to update your Facebook status or publish that blog post that was supposed to have been done last month. Remember, being timely is of the essence. It’s important to give your audience fresh content so they keep coming back to learn more about your organization and get involved. If you can’t keep a medium up-to-date, don’t use it. There’s nothing looks more unprofessional than having your last blog post be from 2012 or you have an u Twitter account that’s never been used. Also, keep your website updated with fresh content. If your call to action is to drive your audience to your website to donate or volunteer, then having new content and pictures is important.

One of the easiest ways to keep fresh content is to plan ahead. Schedule out your posts, looking at the calendar to find days pertinent to your organization such as National Volunteering Month and Giving Tuesday. Planning ahead allows you freedom to work on other things. You can even schedule posts to appear on social media in advance, but be careful not to schedule posts too far in advance, as things might change. Learn more about creating an effective digital marketing plan from the Digital Marketing Institute.

  1. Share the Load, but Don’t Pass It Off

It can be really easy to pass off your social media duties to an intern or volunteer. This can be a great help to you and a learning experience for them. However, it’s important for you and other employees of your organization keep an eye on what’s going on and approve content that is being published.

It can be fun to periodical have guest blog post from volunteers, board members, and people that your organization helps. This will tell your story from different perspectives and engage your audience. Just make sure that you’ve approved everything that is said to keep your message in focus. Remember, everything put out representing your organization is your responsibility. Make sure your message remains clear and consistent.

  1. Engage Your Audience

It’s important that you engage with your audience, answering questions they have about information on your website or social media as they come up. Digital marketing is not a static medium. It’s not just about you telling your audience information, it’s about having the advantage of talking to them in real time and selling them on your organization. Make sure to respond in a timely manner to messages sent to you or comments on your website. Another great way to engage is by have a live Q and A where you can answer their questions in real time.


Finally, remember your social media and website are often one of the first thing people see about your organization. This is the time when you have to impress them with your mission and your call-to-action. Make sure that you are engaging them right from the start with your compelling story. Your mission is your business, now sell it.

For more nonprofit digital marketing advice, visit NonprofitMarketingGuide.com or take the DMACC Digital Marketing class.

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