5 Unwritten Rules of Social Media

There are many “rules” when using social media and some of you might know what they are, but if you don’t then chances are you may have broken at least one of them. Here are 5 unwritten rules of social media.

1. Know Your Audience

It’s important to always be aware of what you’re posting because you never know who is looking at your tweets, pictures, or videos. Potential employers are allowed to look at your profiles and they generally do so if you know that what you’re posting is inappropriate or embarrassing you might as well go back and delete it now because that could be the deciding factor on whether or not you land your dream internship or job. Another thing to consider is family, friends or relationships. Don’t post things on your social media profiles that you wouldn’t want your grandma, future bf/gf to see!

2. Don’t Overshare

This rule could go either way. Your Facebook or Twitter is not your diary. Many people make the mistake of oversharing and venting online. I’m sorry, but no one wants to hear about your entire life story and the latest argument you just had with your on and off significant other. Another thing that people make the mistake of doing is posting too many times. Facebook is not Twitter, you can’t just post your every thought. Well you can, but you really shouldn’t. Also, don’t post 5 pictures of yourself on Instagram in one day. The only people that really do that are celebrities and even they are breaking that unspoken rule.

3. Don’t Bully

This one is pretty much self explanatory, but to those people that like to start or end their sentences with “no offense”. Newsflash, people are still going to be offended if you tell them they look ugly. Just don’t be rude to people. Treat others with respect and if you find yourself getting bullied just take the high road. Don’t respond with a comment that is twice as mean, it’s not a good look.

4. Be Original

Nowadays it seems like people do just about anything to fit in. Don’t just post something because it’s what you think people want to see or just because others are doing it too. Be yourself. It’s what sets you apart from others.

5. Live In The Moment

This one is crucial. Life is not one big vlog, there’s no need to record everything in sight. People often go to concerts and end up recording the entire thing and that just doesn’t seem fun because for one you’re too concerned about recording the concert so that’s just stressful and two, no one ever actually gets a decent video of a concert because the quality just sounds awful. Also, if you’re on vacation don’t just post to brag and show off. Sometimes, less is more.Keep the people on their toes, you know? Going back to rule #2, don’t overshare. Take pictures for yourself and not others. Bottom line is that it’s better to just enjoy life and take mental pictures because ~memories last a lifetime~ as cliche as that sounds.


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About the Author: Daisy Yepiz

Daisy Yepiz, currently a Fashion/Design and Digital Marketing student at DMACC. She currently resides in Ames because prior to attending DMACC, she attended Iowa State university and was studying Kinesiology. She decided to take a break from that and pursue her dreams of working within the Fashion industry. Working for a major magazine company or a top fashion house are career aspirations, though her options are open. Daisy currently works two part-time jobs. Her hobbies include shopping, thrifting, painting, sketching, watching youtube videos, taking her pup Willow on walks, browsing through social media apps, snowboarding, and spending time with family.Daisy serves as the Social Media Editor for DMACC Marketing Lab and hopes to learn and have fun in her role!

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