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Social Media has become a cornerstone in American society.   It allows users to feel connected and gives a sense of belonging.  Not only does it allow a steady flow of information, but it connects one another through vast distances.  However, society has a way of always taking things too far.  Unfortunately, people waste hours of their lives daily updating statuses, adding filters, and augmenting reality, just to get that next “Insta-fix!”   This “Insta-fix” has led to a generation that has a constant fear of missing out, or FOMO.

Even though we all use multiple platforms for our social media habits, I will be focusing on Instagram.  I believe this to be one of the most abused social media outlets on the market.  Just a pre-cursor, not only has social media integrated itself into every aspect of our lives, but we often find ourselves struggling to survive day-to-day without it.  So to help streamline the worrying process and identify your problem, I will be laying out some of the key factors in identifying your possible problem.


When discussing social media addiction there are some key points that I would like to draw attention to.  These points are becoming well known, but bear with me, some of us might still be in a state of denial!

  1.  You wake up and check your feed…  Also, if you find yourself checking your feed late late at night when no one is even actively posting then this might be another red flag.
  2. You’ve been known to ‘do it for ‘the Gram.’  Everybody knows this saying. To actually use it  mentally before posting something, means you’re way to emotionally attached!
  3. You anxiously wait to see how many likes your photo gets.  This one everyone is guilty of!
  4. Hashtags have become a second language.  I agree that hashtags are a great tool to help expand the scope of your target audience, but when you start to use them #seriously then you have a PROBLEM!
  5. You feel like you know your “friends” on Instagram.  This connection is just delusional. Only addiction could warp a consumers mind to this extent.
  6. No wifi or data feels like a DISASTER!!!!  I agree, the internet makes things much more convenient, but we also need to learn to adjust. There is more to life then the world wide web (of disaster).
  7. It takes over every activity.  We have all been there when you are experiencing a great time, but you also want to share it.  Then bam, you look up, and you have wasted the rest of the experience posting on social media.


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According to marketers at Mediakix, people spend more time on social media platforms then they do eating, drinking, and conversing combined.  So it is no surprise that the addiction rate is on the rise, but the real question is why is it so addictive.

It is a couple of reasons, in my opinion.  You have the rise of technology, and the low cost to manufacture the items that we use to access our social media.  Combine this with ever expanding data networks, tech industries, Silicon Valley and these things culminate to create a “perfect storm,” for our society to abuse their boredom with.

The second part are all the instant gratification buttons on social media.  We have the like buttons, the hearts and the shares.  All of these allows the users to instantly communicate with one another.  Thus giving each other satisfaction.  Which causes dopamine to be released from the brains pleasure center.  So after we get more and more likes, the mind craves more and more.  That is where the need to post more comes from.


In conclusion, social media, like everything else in life, is good in moderation.   So, recognize your problem. Taper yourself off.  Then slowly start to regain your life.  🙂

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