Social Media: Expectations vs. Reality

Are you guilty of social media fraud? Okay… Not to that extent. But are you guilty of stretching the truth on social media? Yes. You are because we know you didn’t “Wake up like this” and your “#NoFilter” definitely has a filter. We all do it, and it’s something that will continue to happen.

Here are examples of how we expect social media posts and actions will go versus how they actually go. We can all relate.  

Instagram: Expectations vs. Reality


“Let’s take a photo.”

*Takes one photo*

“Oh, that’s a good one! It’s going to get so many likes. What should my caption be?” 

“Oh, I got one already!”


“Can we take a photo?”

“Ohhh, I don’t really like that one… Another?”

“That’s not very good either. Just one more.”

“Okay well I guess that’s okay. I’m going to post it.”

“What should my caption be? I can’t think of anything and I’ve been thinking about it for days.” 

“I posted my picture. Go like it so at least one person does!”

*All the people I tell to like it does… But that’s it…*


Twitter: Expectations vs. Reality


“I’m going to voice my opinion on his tweet. I feel like I need to give him a piece of my mind. Everyone’s open to opinions right?”

“I had just enough characters to say what I wanted to say! I even added an emoji. Can’t wait to hear his response and have a conversation with him!

*replies to tweet*

“Wow he was so professional in his response back. He really respected my opinion and was a gentleman.” 

“I’m glad I have the confidence to say what I want to say on Twitter!”



“This guy is so annoying. I’m going to comment and see what smarta** comment he has to say back to me.”

“Crap. I don’t have enough characters to fit everything I want to say. How can I crop this enough and not sound like an idiot?”

*replies to tweet*

“He blocked me.”


Snapchat: Expectations vs. Reality


“Oh my gosh I added the cutest guy on Snapchat today! And guess what? He added me back! I’m going to snap him. Hopefully he replies!”

*1 minutes after snap sent*

“He opened it! This is so exciting! I wonder if he’ll reply!”

“He replied! I’m so nervous to open it. I wonder what it says.”

Him: “Hey you’re cute. Here’s my number…”

Me: *faints*



“I added the cutest guy on Snapchat today! Wonder if he’ll add me back.”

*2 days later*

“He added me back! I snapped him! I wonder if he’ll reply.”

*4 days later*

“He replied but I forgot what I said… Should I reply?”

“I snapped him just asking for his number.”

*Waiting to send…*

“I think he blocked me…”

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